The Free Motion Quilting Project: Chain of Beads Beginner Precut Quilt Pattern

Monday, November 21, 2016

Chain of Beads Beginner Precut Quilt Pattern

Have you received your November Quilty Box yet?! It's filled with awesome supplies and beautiful fabrics selected by Tammy Silvers. My favorite thing in the box? The beautiful collection of Island Batik Seafoam precut squares!

I love these fabrics so much, I couldn't bear to cut them up. So I left the blocks nice and big and showcased them in this very easy quilt pattern called Chain of Beads:

Chain of Beads free beginner quilt pattern

Click Here to find this free Chain of Beads quilt pattern

The inspiration for this quilt was a simple beaded necklace with cotton cording separating bright beads. If it works in jewelry, I figured why wouldn't it work for a quilt?

I can't stress how easy this quilt pattern is - just a bit of strip piecing and cutting and you'll have all your blocks created. Then the quilt itself is pieced in vertical rows and it doesn't matter if a single seam lines up properly! How's that for a forgiving, beginner quilt pattern?

I pieced the long rows together with a long strip of background fabric to add a bit of space between the blocks. That way all the bright fabrics seem to stand out on their own and even though you have a lot of contrasting colors right next to one another, it still looks great.

So this Chain of Beads quilt would be a great choice for making a quilt with fabrics you find just too pretty to cut. You can leave those fabrics in nice, big squares, and showcase them all together in one quilt top.

But how do we quilt it? Click Here to find the piecing video plus two easy machine quilting ideas.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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