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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Organize Everything in 2017

Yep, this post contains affiliate links to an awesome product I support and use myself. Organizing a quilter that's a tall order! In a given week I need to organize blog posts, video shoots, pattern writing and design time along with normal life stuff like buying groceries and getting my hair cut.

Keeping organized hasn't been my strong suit and this year I've really struggled because I feel like I left many things way, way too late and these last few weeks of the year have been anything but relaxing. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel - starting January 1st I will begin using my Quilter's Planner!

Here's a little flip through on the planner and why I think it's so awesome:

Click Here to find the Quilter's Planner!

I'm super excited about using this planner because it will not only help me organize my jumbled thoughts and million to-do lists, it will also help me organize my quilt designs and keep everything in ONE PLACE. That is essential for me because I'm sick of having notebooks and planners that only do half the job.

Another thing I love about the Quilter's Planner is all the goodies included. How many times do I stop to hunt down my Quilter's Reference Tool when I'm designing? Just about every time I start designing a new quilt.

Now I just need to flip to the back of the planner and all the most common measurements and fabric amounts are right there when I need them.

If your goal is to build new skills for quilting, the Quilter's Planner can help you with that as well with 40 quilting design to practice. I promise if you quilt just one 4 inch square of each design in the planner, you will see amazing improvement in your machine quilting skills.

I'm really hoping this will keep me better organized and working further in advance than I have lately. With the addition of the podcast, I realize more than ever the importance of working ahead, scheduling carefully, and staying on task.

I also know the key to feeling happy and satisfied with my business largely comes from feeling like I have at least a little time for everything - a little time to design, a little time to quilt, and a little time to do nothing. Even I need to sit and be still and read a book sometimes.

So here's to organizing everything in 2017! With all my lists in one place and the ability to see months in advance I'm confident I'll stay better organized and definitely design more fun quilt projects in the coming year.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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