The Free Motion Quilting Project: Let's Quilt Sashing and Cornerstones!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Let's Quilt Sashing and Cornerstones!

This year I decided to supersize the Flower Festival quilt with an extra pattern that will increase the size to 65 x 85 inches and give you a lot more space to practice free motion quilting. Click Here to find this new pattern!

To create the bigger version of the quilt, you're going to free motion quilt lots of sashing rectangles and cornerstone squares. Let's learn how to quilt the beautiful feather sashing design together:

The nice thing about this design is how much practice you're going to get quilting feathers! As you quilt pay attention to the direction, angle, and style of feathers that feel most natural for you to quilt.

Once you quilt your sashing rectangles, it will be time to tackle the cornerstone squares which are cute flower designs. Let's learn how to free motion quilt this easy design together:

In addition to the sashing and cornerstone designs, you'll also learn how to Quilt-As-You-Go or connect the quilted pieces together to make your Flower Festival Quilt. This easy technique will securely lock together with binding strips that look as good on the back as they do on the front.

Click Here to find Quilt As You Go Part 1 Video

Click Here to find Quilt As You Go Part 2 Video

You may want to watch the Part 2 video all the way to the end. I got the worst case of the giggles ever and could barely film the intro. I decided to include it because it still makes me laugh out loud!

This Mystery is a Little Less Mysterious

Is the mystery part of the Machine Quilting Block Party irritating you? Do you wish you could see the entire Flower Festival Quilt right now?

Now you can! I've also included pictures of the whole Flower Festival Quilt in this new Sashing and Cornerstones pattern.

Just please don't post the pictures online. Many quilters like the mystery aspect so we don't want to ruin the surprise for them!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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  1. I noticed that you used turquoise thread on the sashing pieces. Was this just to demonstrate easier or is a better colour for these pieces for the actual quilt?


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