The Free Motion Quilting Project: Quilting Basics 8: How to Pick Quilting Thread Colors

Friday, January 13, 2017

Quilting Basics 8: How to Pick Quilting Thread Colors

Welcome to Part 8 in our Quilting Basics series! This week we've learned so much about machine quilting with a tutorial on stitching in the ditch and free motion quilting basics.

Today we're talking about color choice when it comes to thread for machine quilting. Thread color is critical for free motion because they show up in different ways depending on how you machine quilt. We're going to learn about "auditioning" colors to find the right match of color for your fabric and free motion quilting. See what I mean in this new Quilting Basics video tutorial:

Which thread color did you like the best? Do you plan to use multiple thread colors in your quilt?

The reason why I usually stick with one thread color is because of time. The more times you change thread color, the more time it takes to finish your block because you'll have more thread breaks and bobbin changes with each thread color change.

So I'm a big lazy and I'm always short on time so sticking with one thread color simplifies the process and gives me one less thing to think about or obsess over. Remember the Paradox of Choice - sometimes too many choices can actually make it harder to decide!

If you decide to test different thread colors, I'd limit it to 3 different colors just so you don't get overwhelmed with different options. I don't think there is ever a WRONG choice when it comes to thread color, but I do encourage you to contrast your thread color at least slightly so you can see what you're doing as you quilt.

If you match thread color completely, it will be like quilting in the dark. How can you improve your quilting or skill making that design if you can't see what you're doing?

One other tip - always match your bobbin thread color with your top thread color. This will save you many hours of headaches and frustration as you try to balance the tension with the top and bobbin thread perfectly.

Been there. Wasted time on that!

No matter how much you fiddle, the top and bobbin thread are never going to be in 100% perfect tension all the time, especially while free motion quilting. Save yourself the time and headache and just wind your bobbins from the thread you're using on the top of the quilt.

Have you picked your thread color yet? What color are you planning to use? Share your choice in the comments below!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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  1. Great timing! I have a quilt with red, aqua, white and butterscotch in each block and was just thinking about what thread color to quilt with. I happen to have an extra block that I can use to test out thread choices. I'll definitely try your auditioning recommendation.


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