The Free Motion Quilting Project: Podcast #14 - Free vs. Paid Quilt Patterns with Kate Colleran

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Podcast #14 - Free vs. Paid Quilt Patterns with Kate Colleran

Hello My Quilting Friends! Today I have an interview with Kate Colleran from about writing patterns and the risks and benefits of offering free quilt patterns.

I'm also doing a collaboration with Kate next week! She sent me a really cute block she made with her braid template and she's going to share a video on how to piece it and I'm going to share a video on how to quilt it next Wednesday so be looking forward to that.

Now for a few updates about what's been going on for the past two weeks. The first big thing is I've gotten back to my walking foot book which has been on hold since last fall. Unfortunate the book was a bit of a mess to go back to and wasn't very well organized.

So I went through the book and pulled out index cards and made a list of every topic I wanted to cover in the book and then began organizing it all. This method really worked for me and I think I just needed to see each topic and design laid out this way and I was able to sort it out and now I'm just tackling one card per day. So each evening right before bed I pull out my little bluetooth keyboard and pop my iphone on top and I just write one little section - takes about 15 minutes.

Honestly 15 - 30 minutes is all I really have to work on this right now and that's how I'm going to have to write it! It does feel really good to be making progress on the book and moving forward.

Another thing we're moving forward on is Sit Down Quilting Sunday which is off to a great start and has really generated a lot of nice questions on YouTube. It's so nice to be using a machine now that I really like and feel confident sharing on video!

This Sunday I'm going to share a video on quilting a REAL quilt. I've had a little printed table runner from IKEA for a few years and today I've basted it up and going to quilt it with bright thread and a really simple design. I want to get used to quilting on this machine and the best way to do it is on a real quilt.

Sponsor for the Show

The sponsor for the show this week is and the new Dresden Plate Template Set which is on sale for $5 off during February. This template set can be used to cut many Dresden Plate quilt blocks, you can cut out tumbler shapes as well and use the templates for ruler foot quilting too. Click Here to check out the set now.

Links from Kate Colleran's Interview (yep, there will be some affiliate links below):

Kate is the author of the book Smash Your Precut Stash which is a book about actually using the precut fabric packs you've purchased (instead of hoarding them forever in their perfect packages)!

Kate has also taught a class with Craftsy called 3 blocks 30 Quilts. You'll learn how to piece three easy blocks, then how to arrange them ten different ways to create thirty different quilts! Click Here to check out this class.

Kate has also taught a class for Quilt University called Creative Quilting for Home Decor. You'll learn how to make quilted pillows, tabletopper sized quilts, table runners, and placemats and learn many piecing skills along the way. Click Here to check out this class.

Click Here to check out Kate's collection of free quilt patterns.

Click Here to check out Kate's Braid Template.

If you heard me mentioning holding the quilt up - yes, I'm planning to also put this podcast on YouTube! The video will be coming soon!

Would you like to listen to more podcast episodes? Click Here to check out all of the podcasts shared so far!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Keep plugging away at your book! I read a quote recently that said something like (and this isn't word for word) Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day after day - sounds like you and your book - you'll get there eventually!

  2. I'm confused...I'm getting this as audio only, but you talked about showing something. Am I missing something?

    1. Yeah, we were on skype so we could see one another and I planned to share the video but didn't get it edited in time. You'll be able to see the quilt in our collaboration that's being posted tomorrow.


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