The Free Motion Quilting Project: Quilting Heart Paisley on a Sit Down Longarm Sewing Machine

Monday, May 29, 2017

Quilting Heart Paisley on a Sit Down Longarm Sewing Machine

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you have had a wonderful last weekend of May. I always feel like this month is as busy and crazy as December, and now *sigh* it's time to relax into the slower pace of the summer.

But even though it's summer, that doesn't mean we're going to stop quilting! I have several fun quilting projects planned this summer and my first goal is to finish up the Dream Goddess quilt so I can enjoy seeing her hang on my wall this fall.

So today let's learn how to quilt a small scale Heart Paisley design into the background of the Dream Goddess quilt:

Click Here to find all the videos I've shared so far on the Grace Qnique sit down longarm machine.

Quilting this small scale Heart Paisley design was really easy in this area of the Dream Goddess quilt. This is one of my favorite quilting designs because you can quilt it any size and the heart shapes easily nest next to one another so it has a very nice texture as well.

A question I answered in this video was about the hopping of the quilting foot. The Grace Qnique 14+ is a longarm machine which is designed so the foot hops along with the timing of the needle. This is meant to help the machine feed evenly over the fabric when the machine is set up on a rail system.

The thing that creates the hopping is internal, meaning you can't alter or change the way the foot hops, even if you change the foot.

This is very different from home (domestic) sewing machines where the hopping is often created by a badly designed foot. Click Here to watch a video to see how I stop a foot from hopping.

So this is just one of those things that differs between a longarm machine and a home sewing machine. You can't stop the foot from hopping on a longarm machine, even when it's set up as a sit down machine.

The good news is it doesn't stop me from quilting beautiful designs on this machine. If it was a probably, trust me you would be able to tell because I wouldn't be able to travel stitch as nicely or echo quilt as evenly.

Do you have more questions about quilting on a sit down longarm machine? Be sure to ask in the comments below and I'll shoot a video just to answer your question!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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  1. Would love to see more all over quilting designs!! Always learn so much from your videos. Thanks for all you do.


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