The Free Motion Quilting Project: Machine Quilting Clouds on a Baby Quilt

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Machine Quilting Clouds on a Baby Quilt

Last week I shared a new quilting tutorial on Clouds and I can't seem to get this design out of my head! A lot of quilters requested bed quilting designs last week so I figured it was time to try quilting really big clouds. Check it out in this new Sit Down Quilting Sunday video:

Click Here to find all of the videos shared on the Grace Qnique 14+ so far.

I have to say, quilting big, bed sized designs is where this sit down longarm machine really shines. The 15 inch harp space makes it very easy to position and shift the quilt without having a wrestling match.

Make sure to watch my video on how I've set up my Grace Qnique to see how my hanging system works to lift the quilt and reduce the weight even more.

The key to quilting bigger designs is to quilt the shapes bigger. Lol! It's a pretty simple concept - the exact same design quilted small will take longer and make the quilt feel stiffer.

If you expand the shapes and the distance between the lines of quilting, you will make the design much bigger. The bigger the shapes, the faster you can cover your quilt, and the softer the quilt will feel when it's finished.

Lately I've been much more interested in quilting large scale designs than small scale. What can I say - I like finishing quilts! Quilting on a tiny scale takes SO long and can feel SO boring.

Quilting bigger designs feels faster and more effective as you can see - wow - that's 15 inches of the quilt we knocked out together!

What do you think of quilting Clouds on a larger scale? Would you use this design on a baby quilt? Do you have any other questions about using the Grace Qnique machine? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Hi Leah, thanks for all your tutorials, they are so helpful. I was wondering do you prefer the Gracie Quique over the Juki 2200? If so why? Also I've noticed that you are using a Bernina 1230 over the juki 300 or Juki 2010q. Why the change?

    1. Great question! Really this is just down to personal preference. I had issues with my Juki 2200 and was ready for a change when I tested the Grace Qnique at quilt market last fall and I really liked the Qnique better. It does have fewer features, but the things it does, it does really well.

      On the Bernina 1230, again, personal preference. I have always loved the older Bernina machines and ran across a terrific deal on Ebay and decided to start using it as my primary home machine. I now have two 1230's and one 1130 for piecing and quilting inside and the Crafty Cottage. Because the feet are all the same for these models, it's very easy to be working on a project inside, then pop out for a quick video, then come back inside.

      So it's down to personal preference and my unique needs for filming videos.


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