The Free Motion Quilting Project: Super Triangle Easy Machine Quilting Tutorial #477

Friday, June 9, 2017

Super Triangle Easy Machine Quilting Tutorial #477

I was flipping through my design journal the other day and I realized we have a lot of "Super" designs: Super Spiral, Super Daisy, and Giant Snail. I think we need more of these quilting designs because they're very easy and fast to quilt over any style of quilt. Let's learn how to machine quilt Super Triangle together!

Beginner quilting design Super Triangle

This is one of those fun quilting designs that could be quilted with any style of machine quilting: free motion quilting, walking foot quilting, or ruler foot quilting. All three quilting styles can knock out this design quickly and easily.

I'm demonstrating this using free motion quilting, but if you'd like to see more tutorials showcasing the other styles of quilting on your home machine please let me know in the comments below.

Now for the new quilting tutorial:

Easy quilting design for beginners
Would you like to learn how to quilt designs like this to quilt a big quilt using your walking foot?

I've created a quilting workshop to guide you through picking simple designs and quilting on your home machine with walking foot quilting. Click Here to check out this walking foot workshop!

Now let's learn more about our new Super Triangle quilting design:

Difficulty Level - Super Beginner. Super Triangle is a very easy quilting design that doesn't require a lot of precision to quilt nicely. It will be a great skill builder for echo quilting as you quilt the lines of the triangle based on the lines quilted before.

Easy Super Triangle Quilting Tutorial
As I showed in the video, rotate your quilt or block so you can see what you're stitching and maintain nice straight lines. Don't get hung up on the idea of quilting in all directions - quilt in the direction that feels the most natural to you!

Design Family - Center Fill. This quilting design begins in the center of your quilting space and radiates out to the edges.

This means that the quilting design will continually expand like a spiral. When the Super Triangle shape touches the edges of your quilting space, just use the edges of your quilt or the ditches around the block to travel stitch and continue quilting more lines of the design.

Where do we quilt it? - So now that you know how to quilt a Super Triangle, a Super Spiral, and a Super Daisy, what shall we do with all these SUPER quilting designs?

The best way to quilt them is using All Over Style quilting. Ignore the piecing, the applique, the pretty shapes, and the nice fabrics on your quilt. Pick a point somewhere roughly in the center, pull up thread and start quilting your Super Triangle.

If you'd prefer not to ignore all the elements of your quilt (hey, you bothered to piece it, you should get credit for it!) try quilting Super Triangle just in the blocks instead. It will fill the space with pretty angular texture and quilt the space super quickly too.

So that's it for this new addition to our SUPER collection of designs. I think that's what I'll call these now, and in my head I'm shouting that word like a superhero. Lol! It doesn't take much to entertain me!

Make sure to post any questions you have in the comments below and share this post or video with your friends. Super quilters share SUPER designs with their friends!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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