The Free Motion Quilting Project: Quick and Easy Sixty Slice Quilt

Monday, July 24, 2017

Quick and Easy Sixty Slice Quilt

This month's Quilty Box has arrived filled with fun gear picked by Allison Harris from!

See check out the cool tools and supplies Allison picked for us and what we're making together with her beautiful fabrics:

Click Here to find the quilt pattern for Sixty Slice.

I hope you watch all the way to the end! I got a bit tickled shooting the intro which is why my face is red at the beginning of the video. You never know what will set off a fit of the giggles!

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My favorite part of this pattern was figuring out how to use fat eighth cuts of fabric effectively. I wanted to keep the fabric pieces large so we'd be able to appreciate the different prints.

I also wanted to play with rectangular blocks, which are a bit unusual. They're also really big and that makes piecing this block very fast!

Dad and I tag teamed this quilt and took it from plain fabric to the finished top in less than four hours - and that's with breaks for me to film videos. That is very quick and easy indeed!

Would you like to find more free quilt patterns to create quilts using fat quarters, jelly rolls, charm packs, or layer cakes? Click Here to find all the free patterns available at

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. As I was watching you cut the fabric in two, I started wondering if you use the Golden Ratio principle or the Fibonacci sequence for the proportions ? Our eyes are naturally drawn to designs with the Golden Ratio. It is not that we should have to be bound by such rules. I just like knowing them so I can use, bend or break them knowingly.

    The quilt is beautiful. The grey framed the colorful fabric so nicely.

    1. That's a great question! I do try to fit roughly within certain standard quilt ratios, but when I want to break the rules, I totally break them.

      For this quilt, I knew I wanted to cut the angle and I knew I wanted to surround each block with sashing, but I wasn't sure of the size and angle. So I made a test block and shot a picture, then played with it in a computer program until it looked right.

      I think most of the design process is natural and if you go for what looks and feels right without over-thinking it, you will often naturally fall within the golden ratio. Does that make sense?

    2. Thanks! Yes, I agree we naturally lean towards pleasing designs; i.e. the golden ratio and others. I come from the painting world (not professionally, but just for fun and personal enrichment) and I am also a rather analytical person, so knowing rules or guidelines helps me speed up the design process without being bound by them. We use physical tools. For me, guidelines are also tools.

  2. Love this quilt! Have a whole bunch of batiks (24+ - I over buy fabric yardage by
    a half yard or more generally) with yardage big enough to do this, so think I will be playing with them in this design! And hope the chigger bites are better


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