The Free Motion Quilting Project: Steampunk and Mushrooms

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Steampunk and Mushrooms

With a title like that this is sure to be interesting! This week I've been having a blast creating many fun projects and exploring creative experiments.

One thing I've been struggling with lately has been excessive mess around my Grace Qnique. I finally decided to do something about it and created a steampunk leather tool organizer and cup to hold my Pinmoors. I made this quick video to show you what it's like:

I love working with leather like this because I can literally hammer it together with rivets and that feels so fast in comparison to my other quilting projects.

Speaking of long-term quilting projects, this week I finished the puff quilt for James! This has been my nightly project for several months and its so nice to see if finished.

Recognize this mushroom? It's the iconic power up red spotted mushroom from the Super Mario Brothers video game series. I knew it was the perfect, simple design to make with this puff quilt!

Let's go quilt, 

Leah Day


  1. I just LOVE you new steampunk leather tool organizer, would you make some to sell? I would definitely buy one from you. You are so creative and talented... Love you work.

    1. I'm thinking about it, but also thinking about just sharing a tutorial. With the cost of materials and my time, it would not be cheap! I'd rather just make a pattern than try making them to sell individually.


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