The Free Motion Quilting Project: Let's Quilt Magical Pumpkins!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Let's Quilt Magical Pumpkins!

I have a magical new quilting design for you today inspired by the Pumpkin Patch design we quilted a few weeks ago. Add some decorative flourishes to the vine and bigger pumpkins and you'll create Magical Pumpkins! Learn how to quilt it in this new video:

Click Here to learn more about the machine I'm using in this videos. I love quilting on the Grace Qnique 14+ because it's a simple, streamlined machine backed by a company with excellent customer service. Remember, if you're interested in the machine and live in the US to mention Leah Day said Hello My Quilting Friends to get a discount on your order!

Magical Pumpkins definitely takes the Pumpkin Patch design up a notch! This design has more open space between the Twisted Tendril vine and the pumpkins and that will make the design stand out better on your quilts.

It will also be an easy design to quilt bigger and cover more space on your quilt. While there are a lot of steps to Magical Pumpkins, I still think it would make a cool bed quilting design!

Have you checked out our other fall quilting design tutorials? Last week I shared a quilting tutorial on Spider Web using bobbin thread work and that came out great!

I have a few more fall designs to share with you so make sure to check back next week to learn a beautiful feather design that will be perfect for adding texture to the background or borders of a autumn quilt.

In the meantime, you can check out more Sit Down Quilting Sunday Tutorials right here. I've quilted many fun quilts on this machine and you can learn how to quilt on minky, fleece, on a small scale, and more!

If you're wondering about the quilting tools I'm using on this machine, check out the Queen Sized Supreme Slider and Machingers Quilting Gloves - my two favorite tools for quilting on this machine!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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