The Free Motion Quilting Project: Curved Seam Piecing Tutorial - Soft Edges Quilt Pattern

Monday, November 27, 2017

Curved Seam Piecing Tutorial - Soft Edges Quilt Pattern

It's Quilty Box time! I have a new quilting tutorial for you today with tips on piecing curved seams. Do curved seams give you heart palpitations? They're really not that hard so long as you use a well-designed template to cut the curve and glue to stick that sucker in place and show em' who's boss!

Learn how to piece perfect soft curves in this new Soft Edges Quilt Tutorial:

Click Here to find the free quilt pattern for the Soft Edges Quilt.

Curved Seam Piecing Tutorial
Do you like my squooshing and mooshing technique? Seriously high tech! LOL!

I can definitely see many ways to mix up this technique and use to curve the corners of rectangles, play with placement and spacing and make a lot of different quilt designs. My goal this month was to give you a very simple pattern with a handful of curved seams so it wouldn't be too overwhelming. I think the Soft Edges Quilt fit the bill!

Ad - Latifa Saafir has also created an 8 inch and 12 inch version of the Clammy template which will create an even larger, softer curve through those corners. The bigger the circle shape you cut, the easier it will be to fit and piece the seam because your fabric will have more space to ease together.

Make sure to check out Latifa's website here to learn more about her modern fabrics and cool templates!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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