The Free Motion Quilting Project: My Word for the Coming Year, Podcast Episode 40!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My Word for the Coming Year, Podcast Episode 40!

We're in that wonderful week between Christmas and New Years and I've been taking the time to reflect on all that has happened in 2017 and what I'm hoping to create in 2018. Listen to the episode or download it to your computer with this player:

Or you can watch the episode and see the little project I'm painting in this video:

Every year I pick a word that acts as a guiding light. It's kind of a like a mantra in a way. Just one single word that helps me remember my goals and focus on what I hope to achieve.

Most of the time this word isn't something I pick. It seems to pick me. When I hear it or run across it, it's like something goes "DING! That's important! Pay attention!"

In 2017, I started the year with two words: Simple and Open. I honestly believe this year would have gone very different if I hadn't had these two intentions constantly running through my mind.

I also gave up drinking completely in January and that single act has helped me feel so much better, more connected and grounded, and more open and connected to the people around me.

Would you like to see where I was at this time last year? Click Here to listen to podcast episode #8 and the intentions I set for 2017. It's really cool to have this podcast, almost like a little time capsule of what was going on through the year!

About halfway through 2017, a new word popped into my heart - Trust.

I was struggling with a lot of anxiety and fear through the summer. I was working really hard on the book Explore Walking Foot Quilting, but I didn't know how everything would work or if all the effort I was putting in would be worth it.

I just had to trust. That word worked on me and helped me see the book through to the finish and now that it's done it feels amazing to have created it.

New Word for 2018

My word for 2018 was being rather elusive. I was wondering if Trust would remain my word for the next year or something new would come along.

And then a few things happened and a new path and decision was put in front of me that was scary and amazing and awesome all at once. I felt wound up and a bit terrified, but at the same time excited beyond belief.

But for everything to work out, I will have to work my pants off. This is a long term project that will need to be planned within an inch of it's life, organized, designed, and launched on a specific date in the future.

So that's when I had to ask - am I up for the challenge?

And that's when I knew what my word was for 2018!

Challenge is the perfect word for me this year because there are many things I want to change and challenge within myself. I want to focus on my goals an work forward with a new level of focus and intention.

I'm tired of being surrounded by stuff, so I'm starting the year with a clean slate and I'm committed to working on only one or two projects at a time.

This fits perfectly with my challenge to be less distracted and disorganized. I want to be present with my family and able to set work aside at the end of the day so I'm not constantly distracted while we spend time together.

I also have the challenge of this new secret project that I've committed to with my whole heart. This will take more than a year to create and will be the biggest thing I've ever done. Crazy. Scary. Awesome. I can't wait!

At the same time, I know this word could come with a double edged sword. This year could also bring unexpected challenges to my family that we will have to overcome.

A few years ago I picked the word Grow, not realizing that with growth can come growing pains. A word of the year can work with you, but it can also work ON you and force you to see and acknowledge things you might not like about yourself. That was certainly the case that year.

But part of accepting a word like Challenge is accepting all that might come along with it, the good, the bad, the awesome, and the ugly. I feel like I've been holding myself back, sitting on the edge of the pool and dipping my toes in to see if the water is warm enough.

Accepting the challenge is to jump in with a running leap and an open heart and trust that even if the water is freezing cold, I can deal with it. I can do this. I'm up for the challenge.

So here's to a new year filled with possibilities! Have you picked a word for the year yet? Or has a specific word caught your attention? Share it in the comments below!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Resilent and perservere. To know I am stronger than I think and can weather the tough and good things that life throws my way and come out stronger, healthier and focused on the most important relationships of my life while enjoying and growing my art work. It wlll be a challenge to carry this out. lol

  2. Just catching up with this. I admire your openness and honesty, Leah. Three weeks into January and I haven’t found a word that sits right yet - am waiting on it. I suspect it may be “finish”, which applies to my quilts but also more general tendencies to lose focus and to procrastinate.

  3. Your honesty is so refreshing! I find your podcasts so uplifting, whether or not the particular craft topic is something that relates to my own craft or not, there are so many nuggets of wisdom and helpful hints that can apply to every day life (and crafting of course!) and I love to listen to you while I'm busy sewing or quilting. I get many useful hints for business matters, and for life balance. I takes courage for someone in the public spotlight to admit their weaknesses and share how they deal with them and I admire you for that. It really helps the rest of us in ways you probably can't imagine :-) Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm definitely not perfect in any way and I love being able to share. Sometimes I feel a little scared to say something and sometimes moving INTO that discomfort is exactly the lesson I need. Thank you for your kind comment! You made my day!


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