The Free Motion Quilting Project: Quilting Hearts and Echoes with Margaret Leuwen

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Quilting Hearts and Echoes with Margaret Leuwen

I feel so blessed to have made so many wonderful quilting friends over the last year! Margaret Leuwen is such a kindred spirit and we really hit it off while chatting for her episode for the Hello My Quilting Friends Podcast. Click Here to find her podcast episode.

At the end of the show, I asked Margaret if she would like to collaborate with me and send me a beautiful diamond quilt block. Watch how I quilted it with simple hearts and echoes in this new quilting video:

Now Margaret has taken this block and run with it! She expanded the design and added rows of borders around it to create a gorgeous medallion quilt. This is called Sarah's Star Quilt and Margaret will be hosting this as a quilt along in 2018.

Learn more about this beautiful quilt in Margaret's video:

In a few months I'll share another video on on auditioning quilting designs for Sarah's Star Quilt! If you're interested in joining Margaret's quilt along it's going to run from January to September. Click Here to learn more about her quilt along.

Quilting Echoes and Hearts

I hope you enjoyed this video and learning how to add a unique heart shape to your blocks and fill the space with echoes. I really think the freeform echoing border design is what transformed the quilting design from simple to stunning:

Quilting Echoes and Hearts

This was basically a foundational design like River Path. The more echoes you add, the more interesting the design becomes. This type of design would also look great in two colors of thread. Set the foundation and stitch all the lines to the inside with one color of thread, then change thread colors to quilt the other half of the border.

Quilting Echoes and Hearts

The wonderful thing about quilting echoes like this your quilting doesn't have to be perfect. Sometimes my lines veered farther apart and sometimes they came closer together, but when they all came together, nothing stood out as a mistake.

Quilting Echoes and Hearts

So one takeaway is to just keep echoing! The more echoes you stitch, the better it gets!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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