The Free Motion Quilting Project: Longarm Quilting and Yoga with Amy Helton

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Longarm Quilting and Yoga with Amy Helton

Hello My Quilting Friends! Today I'm chatting with Amy Helton, or LongarmYogiGal, a longarm quilter and yogi from Kentucky! Listen or download the episode using the player here:

Or watch the episode with a live intro with me in bright orange here:

Click Here to check out Amy Helton's Facebook Page. This is where you can connect with Amy to talk about longarm quilting your quilts. Her goal is to have a quilt in all 50 states so help her reach her goal this year!

I found Amy on Instagram where I ran across her handle LongarmYogiGal and instantly wanted to know more about her. LOL! It really can be that simple!

I loved this chat with Amy because she has such a fun take on longarm quilting. She didn't start out being a quilter. In fact, she bought her longarm sight unseen without ever having made a quilt before! It takes a lot of courage to jump into a new career like this and Amy was obviously up to the challenge.

Amy is also a yogi, a person that practices yoga. She went through teacher training and incorporates yoga into her daily life. Maybe Amy will write the book Yoga for Quilters so we can all incorporate yoga poses while we quilt! Hint Hint!

This is the beautiful wholecloth quilt Amy and I talked about in the podcast. This is such a gorgeous example of Amy's longarm quilting skills and her ability as a designer as well.

Remember you can always find more episodes of the Hello My Quilting Friends Podcast here at

You can also Click Here to find a playlist of all the videos we've shared as well!

Now for the updates around the house, I'm going to start keeping this a lot shorter and sweeter because, well, time is short, and I have a lot of projects going these days!

Click Here to check out the Machine Quilting Party and get started on your Rainbow Log Cabin Quilt. We're going to piece the quilt top together, then quilt it with walking foot style quilting. New videos for the log cabin will be shared every Monday.

You can also watch new videos every Friday to learn more walking foot quilting designs - yep, that's two days of walking foot quilting awesomeness a week!

To join in the fun, all you need is a copy of my book Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah Day. Click Here to check it out.

I've been cleaning like a madwoman all this week and the basement studio looks amazing. It feels so wonderful to have the space cleaned up and all my materials and supplies organized into labeled bins, boxes, and drawers.

The space is feeling extra clean thanks to Dusty, our new robot vacuum cleaner! Ad - We picked up a Deebot and I swear I'm in love with this little guy. If only he could wash the dishes and windows too!

This week I'm working on a new quilting workshop to help you out with quilt basting. I recently realized just how many questions I receive every week just about picking batting and the basting process so I'm filming new videos to help answer your questions and guide you step-by-step through the process

Be looking forward to the Basting Basics online workshop coming out on January 11th!

What is your word for the year?

Last week I shared my word for the year in the podcast as well as a look back at 2017. Thank you so much for all the supportive comments and emails we've received over the last week!

Many quilters wrote in to thank me for being so open and personal and many people used the word Courage, which I think is a wonderful addition to my word Challenge. I find having a word or two serve as a guide works far better than having a specific single goal, like write a book. It's great to have goals like that too, but I find using a word helps me grow and change in a much more dramatic way throughout the year.

And just in case you didn't watch the video, here's a picture of me with Release Your Light, the goddess quilt I always pull out during this time of the year. Click Here to read more about this quilt.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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  1. What a great discovery I have made in finding you! I saw episode #40 and I was riveted to the screen, you spoke about topics that mirrored many of my own life experiences. I have been a garment sewer but I've explored quilting for the last 3 years and I'm hooked. I also NEED and do yoga, why? because I'm 62 and I have a back troubles that sitting for long periods aggravate & we must always do whatever exercise we can to be flexible and strong. Thank you for sharing, your a gem and an inspiration. I look forward to more videos, podcasts, quilts!! Peace, Leslie


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