The Free Motion Quilting Project: Ultimate Stippling Quilting Tutorial

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ultimate Stippling Quilting Tutorial

I recently realized a lot of my older quilting tutorials on were looking a little outdated. I've decided to go back in and spice them up with new videos. And what better way to stitch things up a notch, but to also add a new machine to the mix as well!

I'm sharing new Ultimate Quilting Tutorials which feature instructions on quilting a design on your home machine, then on a longarm quilting frame.

Yep, I'm finally ready to show you my very beginner stitching on my Grace Qnique on the Continuum Frame. I'm still learning the basics and still playing around with my camera angles, but I was very pleased with how this turned out.

For this tutorial I shared how to quilt Stippling on a small practice sandwich first (always a good place to start) and then how to quilt on a small baby quilt on your home machine.

Then I moved over to the longarm frame to show how to quilt Stippling with the machine moving instead of the quilt. I had to reign in my speed a lot because this design is very fast to quilt.

Are you looking for this fun new video?

Click Here to find this Ultimate Stippling Quilting Tutorial!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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