The Free Motion Quilting Project: Piece AND Quilt a Serendipity Star Quilt!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Piece AND Quilt a Serendipity Star Quilt!

I have a huge treat for you today! My awesome quilting friend Luis Sanchez has created a beautiful quilt block called Serendipity Star and I'm going to quilt it with two fun designs.

First learn how to piece the Serendipity Star and make a small baby quilt with this super cool block with Luis:

Click Here to find Luis's YouTube Channel. Most of his videos are shared in Spanish, but I find his hand movements are so clear that I can usually follow exactly what he's doing without understanding the language. And I have to say, he did an amazing job with this quilting tutorial - speaking in a second language and demonstrating and sewing at the same time! I know I couldn't do that!

Just in case you missed Luis's podcast, click here to learn more about him.

Now let's talk about quilting your Serendipity Star quilt. I only quilted a single block, but I'm really tempted to create this baby quilt after watching Luis's tutorial because it's even more interesting when connected together with other blocks.

I wanted to add movement and texture, but I also wanted to emphasize the pinwheel shape in the star. Learn how I took my design inspiration and picked two simple designs to quilt on this star block:

Click Here to find the marking pencil I used in this video.

Now I have to comment on the wonderful coincidence of this quilting tutorial. I filmed this back in October to have it ready to go for our collaboration. Yes, it does take several months of planning and work to put something like this together!

It just so happens that I've recently shared two other tutorials on quilting the designs from this video:

Click Here to watch a video on quilting Concentric Squares on a much bigger quilt. Yes, it really is different to quilt a small block verses a big quilt so this tutorial will give you an idea of what it will be like to quilt the entire Serendipity Star Quilt Luis shared.

Click Here to find an Ultimate Quilting Tutorial on McTavishing. I call this Ultimate because I teach you how to quilt this design on a home machine and a longarm quilting frame.

It's funny how I shared these other quilting tutorials just recently and the designs just happened to be the ones I picked for Luis's quilt block. Life is funny that way, but I hope you'll check out these extra videos and learn even more about quilting with us.

So that's it for this awesome collaboration with my quilting friend Luis Sanchez. Click Here to check out his YouTube Channel so you can subscribe. 

I've learned so much about bag making and setting zippers from Luis and I really think you'll learn a lot too.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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