The Free Motion Quilting Project: Three Quilts in Two Weeks?

Friday, March 30, 2018

Three Quilts in Two Weeks?

Really. Three quilts in two weeks. Who is this chick and where has she been all my life?! All I know is there is a very efficient, hyper focused quilter inhabiting my body right now and I'm happily letting her run the show!

The first finish was the Midnight Sunburst quilt, which was kind of easy to knock out in a few days because I didn't do anything other than work on it. I also find solid deadlines (quilt show starts on Friday!) much easier to work towards than wishy washy deadlines (eh, whenever you feel like getting it in).

Then yesterday I sat down and finished the quilting on Prism Path. We're starting the quilt along on this beautiful baby quilt next week and while I don't strictly have to have it done by Monday, I figured it would be nice to have it off my plate and out of the Crafty Cottage.

Then Wednesday I finished the quilting and Dad bound the Twisted Squares / Rainbow Road quilt. I literally squeal with delight every time I see this quilt! It makes me SO happy!

I have a free quilting tutorial on this project tomorrow. It's different from my usual free quilt projects because we're not piecing together - we're just focusing on machine quilting.

I'm delighted with how this turned out and definitely plan to design more large scale quilting fabrics for quilt backs. It's still hard for me to describe the technique - baste the quilt upside down and quilt it from the back. Wait...what? Still working on that description.

But I've learned over the years that even if I don't know how to explain something perfectly, usually I'll learn enough with the first tutorial to teach it again, then again, and it gets better every time.

Since I'm on this speed run of finishing projects, I think it's high time I finish the novel I've been chipping away at since October. Josh has set me a deadline of April 1st.

I NEED that deadline. I have got to treat this book just like all of these quilts and do the work, write the final scenes, and get it done. Until it's finished, it can't be edited. Until it's edited, it won't see the light of day.

So one stitch at a time, one word at a time. I'm going to finish this!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


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