The Free Motion Quilting Project: Uggh...time changed...

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Uggh...time changed...

Today was like this ugly darned sock.
It's fixed, but it's still ugly.

Well, maybe it wasn't THAT bad...
Daylight Savings Time began today. Uggh! I hate losing an hour in the spring because suddenly it feels so much harder to wake up early and get the day started.

On the weeks I take James to the bus stop I get up at 5:45 am. Yes, I like my sleep, but I also love to write and by waking up that early, I get to write at the kitchen table for around an hour before anyone else wakes up.

I already knew it would be an Uggh Day because one of my machines broke last night. I was quilting along happily, playing a silly Vampire Diaries episode in the background and suddenly the needle stopped catching the bobbin thread.

I broke thread and switched the machine to piecing. Still no go. The needle would drop, but didn't catch the bobbin thread at all.

Then the needle stopped going down. Umm...what???

I pulled on it and like a loaded spring, it just jumped back to the up position. This happened once before on this particular machine, but the glitch only lasted for a minute or so. I gave it a stern talking-to and it magically stopped glitching and went back to being an awesome machine.

Well no matter of yelling or sweet talking got her working again this time. To the shop with you!

Other than losing an hour and my upstairs machine, the day was nice. I shot a sock darning tutorial I'll share tomorrow, played a good bit of Zelda, and hung out with my guys. Give it a week and the time change won't matter a bit.

Let's go quilt (or go reset all your clocks),

Leah Day


  1. Yes, it's traumatic to have your sewing buddy break down. Whenever I need to take mine to the 'Dr.' I get separation anxiety! Do you still have a Janome Horizon? I bought one shortly after you did. Your reviews on it were so good. I'm still quilting on mine. Put a lot of miles on it. Still love it.

    1. LOL! Separation anxiety is exactly what this feels like! Mostly I'm annoyed because I was having so much fun working on a quilt. No, I sold my Janome Horizon 8900, but still have the Horizon 15000. I love it for machine embroidery!


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