The Free Motion Quilting Project: What an Amazing Show!

Monday, March 26, 2018

What an Amazing Show!

Whew! This weekend was such an amazing experience. I attended the VDTA / SDTA show in Charlotte, NC and hung out with Grace Company at their booth. 

This is why I created the Midnight Sunburst quilt last week - to illustrate what you can do with the rulers we're making together!

**These Cut & Quilt rulers are just about ready! We're hoping to be shipping by mid-April and I'm planning to make a whole bunch of videos to teach you how to use them.**

I'd never heard of this show until 2 months ago and it was such a treat to see this side of the quilting industry. Where Quilt Market is mostly geared towards fabric sales, this show was entirely for sewing and vacuum cleaner dealers.

It's an incredible show and really fascinating to see all the different brands of vacuums and sewing machines in one place. I had many great conversations with dealers and learned a lot about the reality of owning a physical store with an emphasis on machines. 

I also had a marvelous time talking with other business owners and checking out new products that will be coming out soon. I've had some fears about the quilting industry slowing down, but I was able to put most of that to rest as I talked with many dealers that were expanding and opening new stores in the coming year.

But of course, I'm very introverted so two days of talking, walking, and smiling have caught up with me! No, I'm not shy, but I quickly run out of energy in busy places and especially when I'm surrounded by people for several days. I know the only way to get my energy back is to be completely alone for a few hours days!

So I'm heading out to the Crafty Cottage so I can rest and recuperate, make progress on a few projects, and be alone. I'm going to try to film and record a podcast, but if I can't make it happen, that's okay too. 

Big events always throw me off my game, which is why I don't do it very often, but it's awesome to jump out of my comfort zone every now and again and do something different.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. I've never attended this show, but have heard it is a big one. Glad you were able to attend. Fun to see pictures of your new rulers. I'm sure they'll be very popular and fun to do ruler workk with. I can also fully understand how exhausting such a show is. Relax and settle back in.

  2. I bet it was amazing! I totally understand what you are saying about being wiped out by being around a crowd! It IS exhausting! Thank you for all you do for us and it is so appreciated!❤❤ I love your videos and learn so much! Thank you!


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