The Free Motion Quilting Project: Chickens, Cats, Fish, Dog, and a Hampster on Top

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Chickens, Cats, Fish, Dog, and a Hampster on Top

Whoa! Josh just brought in a mess of 16 eggs from our girls outside. Looks like I'll be having an omelet for breakfast tomorrow...and lunch...and dinner!

It's a funny split Josh and I have with our crafts. Josh loves to take care of animals. He has three fish tanks, a dog, going on three cats (another one decided to adopt us), around 20 chickens, and one duck.

Oh, and James just added a new hamster named Cinnamon to the mix!

How much do I have to do with all these animals? Honestly, not much. I feed the cats on occasion and I cook the eggs from the chickens all the time, but I'm not really a pet person.

I prefer to craft with fiber FROM an animal or plant, but not still ON said animal or plant. LOL!

I do think it's great to have hobbies and Josh and James work with their animals at least a little bit every day. I'm more of a casual observer and I have to say chickens are a lot of fun when they're pecking through the yard. They make a soft cooing noise that's really relaxing.

That is until one of our roosters decides to belt out a crow. If you've never been near a rooster when they do that - it's really REALLY loud!

Grayson, our head rooster always seems to time his crowing fits for when I'm filming videos. He can be silent all day and then suddenly start belting it out as soon as I hit "record." Over the years I've just learned to tune him out, but it often comes through in the background of my tutorials.

How about you? Are you a pet person, a plant person, or a quilt person? Do you have a lot of animals in your house? Also do you need any eggs?!

Let's go quilt (or go feed someone),

Leah Day


  1. I'm a pet person, but not home enough to have any. Personally, I think you need to make some cute quilts for your chickens and one for adorable Cinnamon too!

    1. With a chicken or hamster on it or just for them? LOL! I can just imagine trying to draft that pattern out of half square triangles!

  2. That hamster looks like he is saying "Help me!" I am an animal person and think they help children become responsible and also understand the circle of life.

    1. You're not wrong on that! We're still working on the taming thing.

  3. I'm a frustrated pet person. My chickens (2 geriatric ladies aged 9 and 10) are currently in a friend's field while we try and sell our house and move to a smallholding (homestead?). First day they had gone I went outside to shut them in for the night - I'd forgotten! I miss them! But I intend to get some new girls (reclaim the old'uns) and hopefully a rooster later on. I would love a cat or two - husband is allergic, so is my son but he has a cat and his sniffling has stopped. We've had pet rats in the past, an outdoor bunny that became an indoor bunny when she got old), a guinea pig and several goldfish. Before marriage I had cats, dogs and budgies. I'm allergic - or was - to dogs!
    So this new place - would love alpacas to be fox guards for the chickens. My husband is panicking at the thought! I have been on an alpaca husbandry course and shearing session.
    Not had a hammy yet - my goodness James has grown big!

    1. LOL! You're serious about your animals! I think it's great and having animals to take care of one another is very beneficial. With alpacas you also get to think about what to do with the many possibilities! Good luck!

    2. Thank you - I do think I'll end up compromising so a place with only 2 acres seems to be on the cards, but I'll still have plenty of room for chickens and a big vegetable patch and fruit bushes (already a mini orchard) and big garden. We went there the other day to look around - the noisy neighbours are sheep and lambs! Whatever happens it will be a big adventure! Happy quilting! xx

  4. My son wants to get chickens. He and his wife have about 2 acres and are right at the edge of town, just outside the city limits. I told him about the roosters, but they seem determined.

    I'm totally a pet person, but don't have any right now. I have a long commute - but after I retire, there will be a new dog in my life.


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