The Free Motion Quilting Project: Have a Bright and Beautiful Easter!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Have a Bright and Beautiful Easter!

Happy Easter my quilting friend! I'm enjoying a quiet day with my family and started the morning writing the last scene for Mally the Maker wrapped up in my new favorite quilt at the kitchen table.

I've just shared this new Twisted Squares / Rainbow Road / quilting in reverse tutorial. Yeah, clearly I need to settle on ONE way to describe this quilt and stick with it.

Some quilts I make get hung on a wall. Some quilts get finished, then folded up and put away. Lately I've been making quilts that immediately hit the couch and I curl up with every day.

Rainbow Road / Twisted Squares is one of these quilts. I cannot get enough of it! I love the Twisted Squares side printed on soft Minky fabric. I used a wool batting in the middle so it's nice and fluffy, even where the quilting got a bit dense in the purple squares.

But I also love the Rainbow Road side which is pieced from 2 1/2-inch wide scraps I've been collecting for years. I see scraps from many quilts Dad and I have made together over the last four years and that makes it super special.

For some reason this size is really working for me. I printed Twisted Squares on 2 yards of Minky Fabric which is 54 inches wide. So the quilt ended up finishing at 54 x 70 inches.

This sounds like a weird size until you curl up with it at the kitchen table, or on the couch, or on the floor while you do yoga (umm...Leah where aren't you dragging it with you now?)

This size is perfect because it totally covers your legs when you have it stretched vertically. It's also perfect to share when you rotate it horizontally, so long as the wiggly kid you're sharing it with sits still. LOL! We're still working on that part!

It feels great to have this quilt finished, and every time I curl up with it, it's reminding me of a very important lesson on prioritizing projects I learned in March. Basically I had this quilt pieced AND basted for months.

It was ready to quilt. I was ready to make a video on it. I wanted to quilt it really badly.

But I didn't have time. Everyone else's quilt came first. Random quilts that weren't even on the list slid in front of this one. Projects I didn't really like got finished first.

At some point in March I looked around the Crafty Cottage and noticed Twisted Squares / Rainbow Road sitting folded up on the floor. When are you going to quilt that Leah? When will you put the quilt YOU want to finish first?

So I put this quilt at the top of the list and I made it happen! It's finished and bound and 100 times better than I expected and I'm going to love using it every day.

Click Here to find the Twisted Squares / Rainbow Road / Reversible Quilting Tutorial. Any suggestions on which description really fits this best?

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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