The Free Motion Quilting Project: New Friends in the Red Barn

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

New Friends in the Red Barn

It's springtime which means it's time for new baby chicks! Josh lets his chickens go broody (sometimes you just can't stop them) and also picks up a few chicks from Tractor Supply to replenish our flock.

We always lose a few chickens during the year to wild animal attacks and some girls just decide to stop laying so it's always good bring in new chicks.

Josh and James decided to troll me this year and buy two naked-neck chicks. You can just see the white one right under the light in this picture. Personally I think they look really weird, but after Josh told me some of the benefits (easier to process, more meat, gentle temperament) I can see why it was a good chicken to try.

I really love those little brown chicks with stripes that look like chipmunks. Super cute!

These babies are hanging out in my red barn for a bit. I also have a treadle machine in the barn I'm working on so we may have some interesting background sound effects if I decide to shoot a video while they're in residence.

Have you ever raised chickens? What was your favorite breed? While I'm not an animal person, I do like to hear them pecking around the yard and certainly love their fresh eggs!

Let's go quilt (or pet baby chicks!)

Leah Day


  1. I have never raised chickens but hope to have a few when we move to the farm. I'm gonna need to go look up the naked neck chicken. I wanna get me some helmeted Guinea hens too. I'll always take suggestions of which breeds to get or avoid. ;o)
    You can quilt and pet the baby chicks. LOL

  2. I used to have some Araucanos. They were great brooding hens!

  3. gotta be careful of the roosters, they are sometimes mean and try to spur you, hens that are broody get grumpy too, I have no favorite but love all the little bantam chickens


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