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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

That Quilt is Cheating!

Hello my quilting friend! I'm back this week with another Great Quilting Debate asking a simple question - what is quilt cheating?

Are there quilting techniques you consider inferior or just plain WRONG?

What do you think about cheater cloth? It has "cheater" in the name so it must be bad, right?

Do you find yourself shrugging your shoulders at quilts made on an embroidery machine or quilted on a longarm?

I've dug into this topic this week and had a lot of fun thinking through my past judgments and criticisms. Yep, there was a time that I thought machine embroidery was absolutely cheating. You just hit a button and it does it for you!

But now I see this as a terrific tool for making even more beautiful quilts and projects. That's not cheating, it's wonderful!

So if you've been feeling bogged down with too many rules over your quilts, or you're just craving something different, please come listen or watch this new podcast episode.

Click Here to find Is This Quilt Cheating? Podcast Episode 54.

And I've FINALLY finished my podcast artwork! I've been working on this for months, but just today put the finishing touches on the colors. I'm so pleased with how it turned out!

I'll create a grab-a-button thingy so you can share it too! This has been on my list for months and it's such a relief to have it finished.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. I don't think anything is cheating. Handwork vs machine sewing - each is its own technique and one requires a different set of skills than the other. Bottom line is I appreciate the work in every kind of quilting while certain types just don't appeal to me as something I want to experience.

  2. I don't think there's any cheating - if any of the techniques help someone to spend time being creative then that is a bonus is my mind, especially when many of us are also full-time working mums - if we can find a way to get a project done that little bit more quickly, then that's all good!

  3. thumbs up! very well expressed. as with many things in out world today, we tend to forget that we started doing......[fill in the blank], because we love, it, because we want to learn something new, because we need an outlet to express, because of many reasons, but not in order to compare ourselves, or to camelian into someone elses thoughts or to create more stress in our own lives.

  4. I LOVE cheater quilts. I originally bought them for my daughters-2, but spent so much time working and taking care of them that I didn't have any time for sewing. Fast forward 30 or so years, now I have a granddaughter who is getting all those cheater quilts that I didn't have time for back then. I'm working on a Suzy's Zoo crib quilt right now, but have completed 10 or so cloth books that I bought way-back-when. I have vowed to complete one a month until my supply is completed. I also have Halloween costumes, that were "cheaters" from the 80's that I did complete. They were produced by Cranston and sold through Walmart. They were especially great because they had glow-in-the-dark on each costume which was desirable for a Halloween costume

  5. I don't that I call it cheating but I might have thought it was against the rules or lazy but yeah I'm all for making a quilt or embroidery work that's pretty and put together well and get it done. I'm learning that all the rules of quilting are up to the quilter in a lot of circumstances.

  6. I'd take a gift of a so call cheater quilt or a regular quilt any day and be just tickled. What do I like better, its all in the color and design.

  7. I used to have some Araucanos. They were great brooding hens!



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