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Friday, April 6, 2018

Trying Something New

I've just signed up for a new social media scheduler and today I'm testing it out. I never thought I'd have to work with something like this, but lately I've been feeling stretched thin when it comes to social media. 
I'll reach the end of the day after a full day filming, sewing, quilting, writing, designing, and then look at my phone and think "Uhhh! I have to post to Instagram and Facebook too!"
Sometimes this is just one thing too much. I feel sucked into these platforms and while I love seeing what everyone else is doing, I tend to get lost scrolling through my news feed, especially on Instagram.
I caught myself just the other day and looked up and 20 minutes had gone by. Poof! Even worse, my brain took a good 10 minutes to snap back into reality because I'd gone into some kind of zombie trance while looking at pretty pictures of yarn and quilts. I don't mind the break from reality, but the brain freeze after effects? No, thank you.
But then again, if I'm being driven to use a scheduler, how authentic is this really? There's a piece of me that just wants to share what I've actually shot THAT day at THAT time. Great idea about you add just a little more pressure on top of everything else to shoot a new picture every day, tag it, logo it, and post it without getting sucked into the vortex?
Yeah, it's time to take it down a notch.
If I shoot pictures in advance, then sit down to schedule when I have the time, brain power, and I'm in the mood to write, it may just be more authentic than it would be at the end of a long day when I'm frazzled and just wanting to play some Zelda.
So there's good and bad here. I'm not sure if it will work. I'm not sure if it will help or hurt. As with all things in life and business, there's no control group so let's just give this a whirl and see what happens!
On the quilting side, I'm still playing with couching yarn on the longarm today. I just love the thick, chunky texture and how much the design stands out on the surface.
I've also shared a new quilting design today for Square Spiral. Make sure to check it out and learn a new walking foot quilting design for the Marvelous Mosaic quilt.
Let's go quilt,
Leah Day

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