The Free Motion Quilting Project: What to Make with Quilty Box this April!

Monday, April 30, 2018

What to Make with Quilty Box this April!

The Quilty Box for April has arrived and it's time to check out the beautiful fabrics and cool quilting gear that's included this month!

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With the 6 colorful fat quarters included in this month's box you can create the Double Stripe Diamond Quilt or the Double Irish Chain quilt.

If you pull just two more fat quarters of fabrics from your stash you can also create the Sashing Splendor Quilt. I recommend a bright red and yellow to make a balanced rainbow effect.

Or you could add two more fat quarters, then slice them all into fat eights to create the Sixty Slice Quilt!

Find all of these free quilt patterns at!

I love making a new quilt each month, but lately I've been feeling like my pile of tops has just gotten over the top. I plan to start quilting my way through the quilts I've created from Quilty Box over the last two years. Do you have any favorites? Where do I start?! This is going to be a very big job and quite a lot of quilting!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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