The Free Motion Quilting Project: End of an Era

Thursday, May 31, 2018

End of an Era

Maybe it's a bit of an exaggeration to call this an Era, but it does feel pretty momentous! My little boy graduated from lower school today and is headed off to middle school next year to begin 5th grade.

At James's school the younger kids aren't allowed to wear sandals until 5th grade so for the graduation, they give the kids flip flops to celebrate their new freedom of footwear.

I thought I might get a bit sad today, but instead everything about the graduation and move to middle school made me happy. My little boy is growing up!

It's only going to be 8 more short years and we will be watching him graduate from high school. This makes me even more focused on enjoying the time we have together.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. First and foremost-a huge congratulations to your son James! They grow up and are gone in a flash. Enjoy every moment while you can :)

  2. you don't know how right you are, as a grandmother [!!!!!],[who is STILL waiting to be a grown up!], with my oldest grandchild married already, and my youngest 3 months old, believe me, watching and sharing all that movement is nothing short of miraculous and and wonderful! enjoy

  3. Leah and James--Congratulations!!
    And good luck in Middle School!

  4. They do grow up fast...and finally move out!! Enjoy these special years while you the time they're 18, you're both ready to see the little bird fly the nest.

  5. Wow Leah! Time flies when life is busy. James was a little munchkin when I started watching you! Congratulations to you, Josh and James! This next part will fly. One day I looked up and mine were graduating! It blew my mind! Hold on to your hat for all the fun to begin! Way to go James!

  6. Ahh Congrats and how fun - flip flops!


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