The Free Motion Quilting Project: Look at that Hat!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Look at that Hat!

Two weeks ago I shot a podcast introduction wearing my pretty rose flower hat I made for a Kentucky Derby party and I asked if you'd like to learn how to make one too.

The response was overwhelming! Everyone wants to wear pretty hats so I picked a new batch of flowers and a new hat and set to work. Learn how to make your own cheerful sunflower hat in this tutorial:

Would you like to see the other hats and Flower Girl costume I've made? Click Here to find the full tutorial at

I've been pleasantly surprised by how happy wearing a hat makes me feel. Before I'd leave the house with my hair messy and just pulled up in a gross bun and I wouldn't feel like smiling or interacting with anyone.

But now I can cover up my messy hair with a pretty hat and it makes me feel put together and decorated. When I wear a hat, my goals are different. I want to share smiles and make the world a prettier, happier place.

I hope you'll join in the fun and make a funky flowered hat too!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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