The Free Motion Quilting Project: New Flower Hat for a Derby Party

Saturday, May 5, 2018

New Flower Hat for a Derby Party

Last week Josh and I were invited to a Kentucky Derby party at the last minute. My first question was: What do I wear???

I searched for ideas and discovered a new-to-me costuming opportunity: Spectacular flower hats!

Turns out a Derby Party is where ladies get to dress up beautifully and pull out the biggest hat they can find and top it with the biggest flowers they can find.

Well... hmm... doesn't this fit the bill?

LOL! My Flower Girl costume is a bit over-the-top and when my face is fully covered it can be sort of creepy. Still, I would have had a great time standing in a corner as a living statue. Maybe another event!

Because I know my tendency to go over-the-top with costumes, I intentionally didn't search for information about derby parties until the last minute. The day before the party I checked out pictures of hats and figured out what I would make.

Then I purchased the hat and flowers and put it all together in about 2 hours with a bit of needle and thread to stitch the hat brim back and 10 mini hot glue sticks to glue the flowers in place.

I received lots of compliments for my hat at the party! One sweet woman even told me she was going to vote for mine to be the "best hat" of the event. Unfortunately we weren't able to stay until the end so I don't know who ended up winning.

It was tremendous fun, but honestly making the hat was the best part. I love creative play and sometimes pulling out my glue gun and experimenting is the best way to make something fun and different.

Seeing all the flowers and pretty dresses was definitely inspiring. I'm off to make more pretty things!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. You, your dress and your hat look absolutely stunning. Sounds like a fun party.

  2. It's beautiful Leah! Goes so well with your dress. I'm glad you had fun.

  3. That is a gorgeous outfit!

  4. You look lovely! The hat was perfect with your dress, and tops some of the ones I saw on tv at the Derby.

  5. You looked fabulous! Beautiful dress and hat.

  6. Your ensemble perfectly captures and distills the essence of the Derby. Lovely!

  7. Love the hat and LOVE the dress.

  8. You looked very pretty for Derby Day, and I don't believe you would have been over the top in your flower girl costume at all. You only live once, so you may as well live large!

  9. The whole package is beautiful! Great job on the hat matching your dress! I'm having a Ladies Strawberry Tea in June and we are putting out a table with sun hats and flowers to decorate and wear for the evening...thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. The hat looks beautiful with the dress. You really look nice in it.

  11. You look absolutely delightful. What a shame we don't get many opportunities to dress up these days. Your dress suits you so well. Cheers,


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