The Free Motion Quilting Project: Why Am I Keeping All This Stuff?

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Why Am I Keeping All This Stuff?

Yep, this was my upstairs office today...

I was planning to move a big cabinet you can't see in this picture out of this room and into the living room. So I pulled everything out and began sorting through it.

Then Josh and I talked through the move some more and he decided to dismantle the 55 gallon fish tank you can see in the corner of the photo next weekend so I don't need to move this cabinet anymore.

There's a piece of me that wonders if I should keep all this stuff. A giant chunk (at least 75 pounds) is a bead collection I started when I was around 14 years old. I don't do much any beadwork these days so why am I holding onto all of this?

But then I open a box and the memories flood out in a rush. I carried these bins with me to college, I remember buying many of the tubes in high school. They're a bit like old friends and it's wonderful to pull them out and paw through them a bit.

And it really doesn't take up THAT much space. I tucked everything back into place and have a new plan with my special craft projects - I'm going to start drawing and sketching my ideas at night before bed and work out exactly what I want to create with the beads / ribbon / fabric / yarn and fiber I've stashed away in this cabinet.

Then once I have a fully planned project, I'll pull out the gear and make it a reality. Then put my toys away and enjoy the finished pretty thing. I think that's a lot better than leaving out random things that are continually in my way / driving me crazy until I get around to finishing them.

So I'm off to sketch and dream! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend and you're ready for next week to begin.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. That sounds like me, I have way too much stuff, lol. I like to dabble in different crafts and mediums, but then I don't have as much time to concentrate on my quilting, so I need to whittle it down.


  2. Funny...I too recently cleaned and came across lots and lots of beads. I planned on donating them BUT after I opened the containers and ran my fingers through them....well, let's just say everything is dusted and neatly stacked back where it was!

  3. Boy oh Boy. Do I know what you're talking about. However, besides my own "stuff" I craft with a woman almost 90 who has a basement full of "stuff." You wouldn't believe what we have crated from all the "stuff" readily available on hand. Keep all stuff while you can.

  4. Yes! I'm glad you kept your bead collection. It is hard to get rid of sewing/craft room treasures. I try to keep the rest of the house in decent order so I can let the sewing room be what it is- a respository of wonderful color, fabrics, trims, and ideas that turn into projects that I love.

  5. as one who has been thru several moves, my mantra has always been if you can't quite get rid of it, then don't. only fling when absolutely sure and no qualms at all...esp sentimental ones

  6. Well, I am glad you kept the beads. You see, I am hoping they find their way into a quilt (read wall hanging or art quilt) as embellishments. It would be fun to see what you can come up.


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