The Free Motion Quilting Project: Fun with the Slice Ruler

Friday, August 10, 2018

Fun with the Slice Ruler

Welcome to our first Frame Quilting Friday! I'm really excited to have this weekly challenge to get on the longarm and quilt something fun with you. Learning how to quilt on a longarm frame is a challenge, just like learning all types of machine quilting.

The hardest thing for me has been overcoming my perfectionist tendencies. Picky Leah tends to come out when my quilting looks messy and especially when I stitch out of the "lines." I don't remember being that obsessed with coloring in the lines as a kid, but it really bugs me when I can't control my stitching now!

Hence why I'm using rulers.

I love, love, love quilting with rulers on my longarm! I honestly can't quilt as well without them. I'm working on the fine muscle control and machine movement, and yes, I do find this improves the more I quilt every day, but it's still not good enough for Picky Leah.

Using the ruler helps me stay in control and keep my lines straight, travel stitch clean, and quilt within the space I'm supposed to be quilting. I designed the Slice Ruler to be my go-to for straight lines and echo ditching. I like the small 3 x 7 inch size which fits perfectly in my small frame.

Today I decided to experiment with the different shapes I could create using the narrow end and point of this wedge shaped ruler. Click Here to find the full tutorial.

I really like the effect of the peaks in the sashing of this quilt! I can't wait to play with more ideas and fun quilting designs using this ruler.

I've created a special page to link up all the Frame Quilting Friday videos AND all of my older Sit Down Sunday videos too! Click Here to find all the video I've shared on the Grace Qnique longarm so far.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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