The Free Motion Quilting Project: Where I've Been Hiding

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Where I've Been Hiding

Well, I haven't exactly been hiding, but I haven't been as social as usual and I apologize. It seems that every book or big project has a phase that requires me to dig in and get rather... obsessive. I'm in that stage right now with Mally the Maker and the Queen in the Quilt.

I love this stage because it's intensely focused. I have a short window of time right now to finish up this book layout and illustrations. The sampling process is always more time consuming than I expect so I want to give myself plenty of time to get books in, check them out, and make adjustments as necessary.

I always feel this little guilty nudging in the back of my mind - why aren't you posting? Didn't you have tutorials to share this week? You can't just abandon the internet and draw all day!!!

Yes, I can. I actually have to.

So please, little monster in my mind, back off so I can enjoy this process and not feel rushed, frazzled, or overwhelmed. I'm off to play and draw some more! Cover art is the last step of the process and then it will be time to upload. Eiii! It's so exciting!

Let's go dig deep into whatever we NEED to!

Leah Day


  1. Don't feel guilty, we all need ME time! Relax, enjoy!

  2. You go and do what you gotta do!!! We're all for that. Enjoy!

  3. we love you just the way you are, dig in and love what you're doing, we're all waiting for you, missing you and cheering you on!


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