The Free Motion Quilting Project: Drawing Dresses and Dripping Paint

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Drawing Dresses and Dripping Paint

Hello My Sketchy Friends! I'm continuing my doll making adventure by sewing dresses and undergarments for Ms. Bunny. Last week I stitched three versions of this doll and finally solidified the design. Now I am focusing on drawing and planning the two dresses described in the book Mally the Maker and the Queen and the Quilt.

This is tricky because I'm basing my design on the memory of my Ms. Bunny and the dark pink calico dress she wore. Click here to read that story.

It's tricky because after making a very similar shaped dress, I realized that it's far more formal looking than what I described in the book. So this is a bit of a conundrum – do I design for what I wrote in the book or design for the memory of my own Ms. Bunny?

Ms. Bunny #1 in formal dress #1 and Ms. Bunny #5 in formal dress #2
I think the ultimate solution is to design a dress that I like and in which Ms. Bunny looks cute. These dresses just ended up looking... well, a bit old fashioned. 

I'm going to keep tweeking until I get the pattern pieces perfect (which will probably take another three tries!) and then stash this pattern away for a future pattern collection with formal dresses. I can already see making Ms. Bunny a hoop skirt and ball gown!

This is such a fun challenge because designing dress costumes was something I got interested in over a year ago. But costuming and pattern making for myself had a serious limitation: I quickly ran out of space for all the costumes! I quite literally have dresses and masks packed everywhere now.

But for Ms. Bunny and any other dolls I create from the book, the sky is the limit on garments and costumes because they're not going to take up nearly as much space. I already planned to make Ms. Bunny a set of undergarments today because that just suits her prim nature. She's just not the type to go commando! LOL!

I'm also pushing past my mental block with my sun and moon paintings today. I got bogged down with these pieces because I made several mistakes and keep seeing the mistakes instead of the overall piece. But the deadline is coming up and I have to finish them.

The ultimate lesson will be figuring out how to hide the mistakes or simply let them be and view these paintings as a fun learning experience.

What are you sketching or designing today? I hope you're having a fun time!

Let's go quilt,

Leah day

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