The Free Motion Quilting Project: How to Machine Quilt Hopscotch, Design #498

Thursday, September 6, 2018

How to Machine Quilt Hopscotch, Design #498

I've been playing around with altering some golden oldie designs to create new quilting fillers. This hopscotch design is a simple variation of paisley, but with a lot more bouncy echoes to create this funky texture. Learn how to quilt this design in this new quilting tutorial:

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Let's learn more about quilting hopscotch.

Design family – pivoting

This design is a little tricky to place because it works a bit like a stacking design in the sense that the bouncy echoes lock together to form a solid texture over the quilt. But because it's based on Paisley, a pivoting design and all you do is add extra pivots and echoes around it, I think this best fits in the pivoting family.

That's just my esoteric way of keeping the designs organize, but it's good to know that you can look for different designs and so long as the way they are stitched is similar, you will most likely be able to quilt any of the designs in that family easily.

Difficulty level – beginner. Hopscotch isn't very challenging, but it's definitely one of those designs that needs more practice and play. I haven't yet figured out a system for when to stop pivoting and begin a new hopscotch shape. Sometimes when I go too long without creating a teardrop, the arch shapes seem to get too long and unwieldy. But other times they tend to stack identical teardrop shapes to close to one another than it looks like Paisley. Definitely looking forward to practicing and playing more with this design soon!

Suggestions for use – hopscotch will work in just about all areas of your quilts. Because you can shrink the echoes down easily this designs going to work great on a small scale. You can also increase the distance between the lines and quilt hopscotch on a large scale to I may have to give this a try with free motion couching on the long arm next week.

Do you have any questions about free motion quilting on your home machine or suggestions for new quilting tutorials? Please share in the comments below.

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