The Free Motion Quilting Project: Painting and Drawing and Driving

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Painting and Drawing and Driving

Happy Sketchy Saturday! James and I drove to Charlotte today to go painting at Art Space Studio. It was a long drive, but totally worth it to spend the day with my son painting two projects for the holidays.

I reserved my little Christmas tree a few weeks ago. It's one of those trees with the little plastic colorful lights. I honestly find them kinda tacky, but it brings back memories of my grandma. She had one of those trees and brought it out every year and now I want one too! LOL!

I know I've skipped a few Sketchy Saturdays here. I honestly haven't been drawing much, unless you count doll pattern revisions. Yesterday I got back to my card sketches and had some fun:

I've already started writing Mally the Maker book 2 and the scenes I'm working on is making me want to do a lot more sketching for this book. I just need to set aside the time, make sure I have a sketchbook and pencil and make myself DRAW.

Why is it hard sometimes to do the thing you want to do, even when you want to do it? That's what's on my mind today and I honestly don't have a good answer.

I hope you had a great Saturday! What have you been working on?

Let's go quilt (or draw),

Leah Day


  1. I have a quick question for you. Who will you get to service your Grace? I have had mine for a couple of years and I am thinking it could use a cleaning, maintenance etc. I am not far from you. Part of the FQG. Thanks, Chris

    1. Great question! I clean my machine myself and have reviewed the instructions for adjusting the timing and believe I could do that too if needed. However, speaking with the technical support techs from Grace Company I learned that making adjustments like this are very very rare. This is more of a self service situation so just start getting into the habit of cleaning and oiling your machine yourself and you'll be in great shape!

  2. Oh those trees- they do bring back memories! Right on to the second book- wow, your pace is amazing.

    1. Thank you Nancy! I love the habit of writing every morning. I wouldn't want to spend the first two hours of the day doing anything else!


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