The Free Motion Quilting Project: Hello My Quilting Friends Podcast

Hello My Quilting Friends Podcast

A few years ago I realized I was feeling lonely. I wanted to connect with quilters and make new friends. I also wanted an excuse to start conversations and share more of the behind-the-scenes of my life and business. So I decided to start a podcast!

Hello My Quilting Friends is a weekly videocast / podcast I share every Wednesday. At the beginning of the show, I share an update about what's going on around the house and what I'm working on behind the scenes. I always record this part of the show on Monday and sometimes that is a very busy day so I might be cooking dinner, working on a project, cleaning my sewing room, or gardening while I share the updates for the week.

Then each week I either share an interview with new quilting friend or a Great Quilting Debate where I discuss a quilting topic that quilters like to argue about. Yes, pressing seams open and whether to use starch can be quite a heated debates!

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Hello My Quilting Friends

Check out all the podcast episodes I've shared so far by clicking the links below:

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