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Take a Class

Would you like to take a class with me? Yay! I can't wait to share with you all the tips and tricks about free motion quilting that I've learned over the years.

But there's one catch: I only teach online!

As a teacher, I love connecting with students online because I can reach people from all over the world at any time of the day and help you learn how to quilt. As a wife and mother, I love teaching online because it allows me to stay at home with my family and create beautiful quilts.

So here's the list of current classes available on, the amazing crafting website that has allowed me to create online classes that are actually BETTER than a typical in-person workshop.

Why is it better? Because these classes are yours FOREVER. You will never lose access and you can watch the lessons over and over again as many times as you like. You're also only 1 click away from asking questions and getting answers directly from me, whether you have a question today, or you have a question in 5 years from now!

So here's the list of classes currently available at Craftsy:

Free Motion Quilting a Sampler - This beginner level class focuses on how to quilt 20 blocks in a beautiful sampler quilt:

In nearly 9 hours of class time, you will learn how to baste your quilt, stitch in the ditch in free motion, and quilt 15 designs over the surface.

This class also features an extra lesson on putting quilted blocks together using a Quilt-As-You-Go binding technique. If you're wanting to get your feet wet with free motion quilting, this is definitely a great class to start with! Click here to get 50% off this class!

Free Motion Fillers Volume 1 - Ready to learn a lot more free motion quilting designs? In this class you will learn how to quilt 50 designs as you work logically through quilting a beautiful throw quilt.

The pattern for the quilt is actually included in the class so you can easily piece the top, then get ready to quilt along with me through nearly 5 hours of class time!

This class focuses on 5 families of designs: Independent, Stacking, Pivoting, Echoing, and Branching and you will learn 10 designs in each family in a logical progression from the easiest designs to more complex. In the end you will finish a beautiful quilt that's perfect for snuggling on the couch or hanging on your wall. Click here to get 50% off this class!

Free Motion Fillers Volume 2 - Now let's learn about a whole new set of 50 designs and this time stitch them all out in a fun tote bag project!

This class focuses on a new set of families like Overlapping, Foundational, Edge to Edge, Edge to Center, and Stem Centered Designs.

Over the course of this 6 hour class you will learn about quilting scale, picking the right thread color, and how to figure out why your thread is breaking using the Thread Break Cheat Sheet! At the end of the class you'll learn how to bind the tote bag panels and them together to form a huge bag, perfect for carrying several crafting projects. Click here to get 50% off this class!

Craftsy has certainly opened up a whole new world of teaching and learning many crafts online. You can learn about a variety of quilting techniques, cake decorating, knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, garment sewing, and more!

When I'm not teaching classes for Craftsy, I'm taking many classes from other instructors and continuing to expand my knowledge and understanding of many crafts. Here's a list of my favorite Craftsy classes so far!

Stitch and Slash by Carol Ann Waugh - Sometimes we need a break from perfection and a solid helping of "anything goes" and that's exactly what I get every time I watch this class! Carol Ann is freeing and creative as she teaches you how to layer, stitch, and slash to form a ragged edge, free form design you can turn into a pillow cover or wall hanging quilt.

I actually used this technique to make the blocks for my son's Space, Robots and Dinos Quilt and it's was not only easy, it was a super fast way to finish these fun blocks. Click here to sign up for Carol's class for 17% off!

Design it! Quilt it! Free-Form Techniques by Cindy Needham - I absolutely love Cindy's gentle, calm voice and knock out inspiring quilts! She guides you through designing with stencils and shares many free motion designs.

This class is focused mostly on quilt design and how to use quilting stencils in really neat ways. Cindy also shares her expertise on choosing the right threads, basting, and stitching in the ditch. Click here to sign up for Cindy's class for 25% off!

Machine Quilting Negative Space by Angela Walters - If you're into modern quilts, this is definitely the class for you! Angela is a pro at taking simple modern quilts and stitching them up a notch with amazing thread texture. I learned loads from Angela about playing with scale and changing the look of a design completely just by shrinking or expanding different elements with the design. She shares many ideas for sketching quilting designs, then demonstrates each technique on her longarm quilting machine. No, this class isn't demonstrated on a home sewing machine, but the ideas and inspiration easily translate to any type of machine quilting.  Click here to sign up for Angela's class for 25% off!

Shoot it! A Product Photography Primer by Caro Sheridan - If you make cool stuff, it just makes sense to learn how to photograph it! This class with Carol changed my entire perspective on taking photos and dramatically improved the look of my blog. Even though I never invested in an expensive camera, the ideas shared in this class on scale, perspective, color, and the rule of thirds has definitely changed the way I take photos of both my quilts and my family. Click here to sign up for Caro's class for 20% off!

Sew the Perfect Fit with Lynda Maynard - Are you ready to learn how to sew a dress that fits absolutely perfectly? Lynda Maynard makes RADICAL changes to make three dresses fit three very different body types. I think I gasped out loud the first time I saw her take a pair of scissors to the muslin and cut it wide open to insert more fabric! What I love about this class is it made me a lot more fearless about changing a pattern to make it fit better. I not only adjusted my shirt to give more space in the front, I modified the arm with pieces from another pattern! Click here to sign up for Lynda's class for 20% off!

 Tunisian Crochet: Revolutions in Color and Style by Jennifer Hansen - No, this isn't a quilting class, but a super fun crochet class! Learn a cool style of crochet that can actually look identical to knitting and stitch yourself up a soft silk washcloth. I loved this class so much I made 2! Click here to sign up for Jennifer's class for 33% off!


  1. This is such an INCREDIBLY generous link. I am already signed up for all of your classes and took the stupendous stitching from Carol Ann Waugh but I'll take advantage of your offer for some of the other classes!

    These classes can be addictive and sometimes I spend so much time learning I neglect the stitching. Would be wonderful to have the computer in the sewing room.

    I am going to be who I am because of who your are. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you so much for this link. I got an email for your second class but wanted to do the first one first. Now I've signed up for both of them so as not to miss out on anything.
    I love your spirit and creativity. I recommend all your courses to friends.
    Also, I think you are beautiful, both physically and creatively.
    Your grandmotherly fan.


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